Fre Guide" My entire content creation stack for new creators

Free Guide: My Entire Content Creation Stack for New Creators

I get questions from new creators about my tech stack and resources which is why I’m sharing my entire content creation stack here,

with that being said: use what you are comfortable with or already know how to use.

Your tools and process should feel natural to you.

YouTube – to learn new things

YouTube icon by Icons8

If you want to learn anything Youtube is your answer. It has been at the forefront of all my skill-based knowledge.

I have learned almost everything from here. Right from marketing, to writing, to designing, to psychology … the list goes on and on.

Typeshare – to write atomic essays & Twitter threads.

Typeshare is a recent find of mine. I found it when I was reading tweets from Justin Welsh, Dickie Bush, and Nicolas Cole, What’s more…

Typeshare lets you write atomic essays (my new favorite thing I found in 2022) and Twitter threads. We all know the hassle of writing Twitter threads right, I think we can agree that a guiding line is helpful in those cases.

Plus Typeshare lets you make a social blog that has all your medium essays, Twitter threads, and single tweets all in one place. Which you can showcase as a standalone place of curated content apart from your website.

Medium – to practice my knowledge and writing skills

Medium icon by Icons8

I use Medium to flex and train my brain, get inspiration, and write about topics that I don’t usually talk about anywhere else.

I share some of my best stuff from other platforms but, what’s more, I also create some original content that is strict with the intent to explore the depth of topics that I study. On to the next one.

Notion – to manage projects, CRM, and content/resources

Notion icon by Icons8

The magic tool for all creators and solopreneurs.

Notion is the most versatile piece of software that the internet gifted us. It can manage resources, create databases, act as a project manager, can be shared with teams, and use as a journal…

I use Notion to plan projects and strategies for my clients and myself.

Obsidian – Knowledge mapping and note taking

Obsidian icon by Icons8

I love Zettlekasten’s method of note-taking. but maintaining the physical version is quite a task, so I set out to find other options and…

I found Obsidian. It is exclusively for knowledge management and it can be used offline.

What’s more, it shows you your knowledge map as well. It quickly became essential in my content creation stack.

Canva – to design all visuals

Canva App icon by Icons8

Good old Canva. Who doesn’t know about this tool?

If you are a freelancer, a content creator, or have any interest in design, you know Canva. I use it to make all my branded visuals across all social platforms.

As good as it is, Figma also looks like a strong competitor in my eyes, so I might explore that as well.

But, Canva is my choice right now in my creation stack.

Google Workspace– to create content and analyze site data

Google suite is quite versatile in its usage. But the features I use the most are Google Analytics, Google Docs, and Google Sheets.

The add-on features for all these products make them super customizable to fit your style of usage.

Gumroad – to sell digital products

Gumroad is the easiest option to sell your digital products. Be it ebooks, notion templates, icon packs, or graphics.

You can open a free account and start selling products without any delay.

WordPress – to make a self-hosted website (I made mine in under 10 days)

WordPress icon by Icons8

It has been my No.1 choice for website creation. Over 40% of the world’s websites use WordPress, which means they have good support, uptime, and lightweight build.

Physical Equipment

  • Laptop – that’s 2 year old
  • A smartphone – that’s 3 years Old
  • Tripod and Ringlight – to practice communications skills via video

Though I occasionally do use notebooks, cause, nothing beats pen and paper.

You see, you don’t really need much.
you just need to be resourceful and creative with what you have.

That is about it for now.

I’ll keep updating this list over time but you really don’t need much to get started.

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