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The Info-Product Builder Kit

Everything you need to monetize your knowledge. In your sleep.

From Clueless to Launch, This bundle has a replicable plug-and-play roadmap, templates, and checklists to help you build your signature info products in a matter of weeks. 

Join the waitlist to get a chance to get it for free and a free 1:1 Coaching call with me.

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    • This bundle is tentative to launch on 1st June 2024
    • It will be evolving, so buy once and enjoy free updates for life.
    • Digital Products are non-refundable


    Mini Course

    Learn the Dos & Don'ts to making a stand out info-product, so you don't get lost in the market.

    Cheatsheet to validate

    Worksheets, workflow & audience research template to help you validate your idea.

    Prototype Template

    Know exactly how to structure your content and build a prototype to test. So you don't miss the necessary stuff.

    Feedback Template

    Know precisely what you should be asking for and what information to focus on... so you can optimize your product the right way.

    Launch Resource

    From pricing, to setting up landing page, preselling, and launching. I'll setup you up with resources so you won't have to worry about missing any steps.


    You get a dedicated NOTION work Station to help you plan, build, launch & manage your entire info-product from one single spot.

    This bundle is for you if...

    1. You want to build automated income
    2. Not sell time for money all the time
    3. You’ve got big goals for your brand
    4. You’re a coach, consultant, thought leader or a creator who wants to build an online education business
    Join the waitlist to get a chance to get it for free and a free 1:1 Coaching call with me.

      Why would you listen to me?

      Hi, I’m Sudhanshu. I’m a former freelance content writer, with 5 years of experience as a writer in the online education industry.

      The sad part is I got nothing to show for it, because I worked as a part of the team or as a ghostwriter.

      But in April 2023, I just shut down my systems & dashboards and quit. I wanted my life to be more intentional. I didn’t want to bother with Monday morning meetings, or labor for dollars. 

      I wanted to be able to create something meaningful and worthwhile, walking down a curiosity & creatively driven life.

      So, I let go of all my writing clients.

      And started looking for the next big adventure.

      I realized my passion for passing on the knowledge I had gained and meeting interesting people hungry for ideas and keen on lifelong learning.

      That’s why after waiting long enough, I decided to learn, and help educators build something that would add substantial value to the world, and turn their knowledge into income.

      Monetize your Mind in your Sleep!