Your Homepage is the most visited page on your website regardless of your niche. So, it needs to be on point with the messaging.

With eLearning, it needs to speak to an audience that is longing to learn the skill that you offer. The messaging, vision, brand voice, and purpose should have subtle hints of higher purpose because education holds value beyond money.

And MyCaptain does just that with its superb Home Page. It speaks to a specific audience in a unique way.

MyCaptain offers courses to creatives and marketers. They speak a lot about their student’s success and the industry leaders they work with. This builds trust and incentive in the reader.

They also mention their public appearances and placement statistics. This means they are using “numbers” to their advantage. Numbers in a copy are a great tool that builds credibility and moves you one step closer to the CTA

I’ve broken down the Home page into 7 essential elements that will help you figure out why it works so well.

Sample Type

Home Page




Copy Breakdown