When we refer to a “Book Launch” we are dealing with all the planned marketing activities surrounding your new book in its first few weeks. It is tricky and quite tedious, so most people neglect it or outsource the job.

They aimed this product at selling a book launch planner. The ad itself was simple but lacked the flair to get people signing up. 

The original ad is short and to the point but has no build-up. It doesn’t give a reader the proper incentive to buy or signup for the product. 

Plus, there was a lack of overall flair. 

The new version does an attempt to hook in the audience first. It is not trying to sell anything. But it builds up the necessity of getting the book launch planned by making you feel comfortable and at ease with the process. It uses the classic AIDA formula to sell the product.

Sample type

Facebook Ad


Book Launch


Before & After