You cheeky bugger... you actually came here

Now, I ain’t the welcoming kind

So I’ll spare you the “hello, great to have you here.”

I absolutely won’t do that, cause that’s not me.

I live in my own world, one that you just crashed into.

And I’ve got rules here

If you resonate with them, I think we’ll get along.

  1. You care about making good stuff. Not the same old mediocre kind.
  2. You love helping rivals & clients. But not build stuff from scratch.
  3. You are in it to build a brand & business. Not run a charity.
  4. You want to be familiar. Famous isn’t on the radar.
  5. You care for your identity and originality. Bland balling is out.

If you aren’t down with that… give up and unsubscribe right this moment.

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In the mean time

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