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Let me introduce myself →

About me in 10 seconds
  • My name is Sudhanshu & I’m a Multidisciplinary explorer.
  • I shut down a 3Y old writing business because I realized it didn’t lead me to my ideal life.
  • I practically live for books and coffee and hope to travel the world & help my parents live an easy life.

Sudhanshu Pai

My Philosophy

Strategize for vitality.

I prioritize the long game and staying in the long game by focusing on systems and strategies to keep me and others in it.

Sacling by Diversification.

Creators often try to one-up themselves all the time when they reach a goal in their services. And at a point, when you’ve put all your eggs in one basket, the chances of loss are at an all-time high. I focus on helping you avoid that.