About Me

A social Introvert in love with the wordy business.

I’m on a mission to help you build your digital empire one word at a time.


"A blank piece of paper is God's way of telling us how hard it is to be God." –Sidney Sheldon


  • A loud-minded introvert who loves philosophy and psychology.
  • A philomath and word nerd. Oh, and a Food and Nutrition graduate.
  • A Coffee sipping business enthusiast.


  • I love anime, eastern mythology, and spirituality
  • I am obsessed with personality types: I am an INFJ or the Advocate or the Sage,
  • I’m a nut for movies and shows based on philosophical questions. My favs include Inception, Matrix, the Karate kid, and The Good Place.

My Story

Back in 2017, I had no real life and knew almost nothing about writing. (I wasn’t in the mindset to pursue academics.)

At the time I was pursuing academics but in 2018 I had a major burnout.

My mental health and my academics suffered, and I was completely crushed.

Most people thought that this is it — I was a failure and wasting my life away on some childish dream. But I made myself a promise to never let this happen again.

I graduated, took a deep plunge into the ocean of the internet, and got obsessed with learning.

Now I am a content writer turned:

  • LinkedIn Ghostwriter and a Personal Brand Consultant for Busy Experts 
  • Teach new creator how to write and create content for the internet. 

But beyond that, I am a Philomath, a sucker for anime and martial arts building my own digital empire by helping others build theirs.