Yelo! - I'm Sudhanshu.

I create, paint, write & build.

Nerdy. Philomath. Aspiring Warlock,

Imagine if Yoda was an introvert, 6 ft. tall and loved to write in complete sentences. That’s me in a nutshell. As for the more serious “bits” of my journey… here’s the condensed version

The Short of it

Who: Sudhanshu Pai, Ex. Content Writer 

What: I chase my curiosity by being a creator & working with est. creators and online business owners build info-products and assets to turn their knowledge into income.

As for the Why… you better read the story below.

My Story

I’m a former freelance content writer, with 5 years of experience as a writer in the online education industry.

The sad part is I got zero recognition for any of it, because I worked as a part of the team or as a ghostwriter.

But in April 2023, I just shut down my systems & dashboards and quit.

I wanted my life to be more intentional. I didn’t want to bother with Monday morning meetings, or managing communities.

I wanted to be able to create something meaningful and worthwhile, walking down a curiosity & creatively driven life.

I let go of all my writing clients.

And started looking for the next big adventure.

I realized my passion for passing on the knowledge I had gained and meeting interesting people hungry for ideas and keen on lifelong learning.

That’s why after waiting long enough, I decided to learn and help creators, educators & online business owners build something that would add something substantial to the world, and turn their knowledge into income.

Who do I help?

  • Freelancer
  • Coach or Consultants
  • Creative entrepreneurs 

I partner with them to help them build high-leverage assets & info-products.